July 16-18, 2021.

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2. Pay $45*

*Are you one of our wise, experienced, seasoned, Madison Old Farts? We want you! Your rego price is the same as it was the year you started hashing!

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Schedule of Events:

Friday, July 16: East Side Pub Crawl  
        • Hared by Michelle Vick and Brew Coli
        • 6 pm
        • Start at Malt House, Trail will be A to B
        • Bring cash – pay as you go!
Saturday, July 17: Red Dress Run!
        • Hared by My Little Porny and DJ Jizzy Jew
        • Rego 1 pm
        • On Out 2:30 pm
        • James Madison Park
        • What to bring: dry clothes (yer gonna git wet!), floaties for the lake (don’t lose them and be a litter-er!), light up devices/hula hoops, etc (for after dark… activities…)

Trail to be followed by Live Entertainment
by our very own Pecker-Mache, AKA DJ evoSus!!

Pecker Mache Playing at Wingra, July 2020
Sunday: Hangover Hash
        • Hared by Numb Ass and Paging Dr. Rotten Boneher
        • 10:30 am
        • Bone Zone
        • Expect Mimosas and light breakfast snacks. Bring cash, trail ends at a brunch spot near the start.

More Information:

Official Hash Hotel: Madison Plaza Hotel – 3841 E Washington Ave (previously the HoJo). 608-819-6298 – Block Name MADISON RED DRESS. Rooms are $72/night

MH3 private FB page 

MH3 RDR private Event page

Lost? Call or Text Rotten BoneHer: 608-501-1122